martes, 27 de diciembre de 2011

Google fact: updates it's algorithm around 500 times per year

Did you know that Google is constantly updating it's algorithm? Tweaks and improvements can exceed 500 per year! And the major change, Panda, that occurred recently was a huge overhaul that has affected many sites' positioning. 

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lunes, 19 de diciembre de 2011

Chart - Marketing budget for 2012 by channels

This graphic shows where 1500 companies have decided to allocate marketing funds for 2012. December is a good time to review the current year's performance and plan out your budget for the upcoming year, this information may be useful.

viernes, 9 de diciembre de 2011

Twitter enhances company profiles

Twitter enhanced profile pages launched
Yesterday, Twitter released a new design with more features to facilitate interaction see details here

Now, and more importantly for our internet marketing customers, they've announced improved presence for companies. Below is an example of what a brand page can look like:

Several changes increase a company's potential impact including:
- a larger profile image in the header
- message control - users see what you want them to see first
- own color scheme

Twitter has pre-launched to a select group and will rollout these new capacities to all users over the next month.

See some of the brands that are taking advantage of these new capacities:
@AmericanExpress, @BestBuy, @bing, @chevrolet, @CocaCola, @Dell, @DisneyPixar, @generalelectric, @Heineken, @HP, @intel, @JetBlue, @Kia, @McDonalds, @nikebasketball, @NYSE_Euronext, Mission: Impossible – @GhostProtocol, @pepsi, @Staples, @subwayfreshbuzz, and @VerizonWireless.

Note: You need to use the new version of Twitter to see these new profile pages.

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Source: Twitter

miércoles, 7 de diciembre de 2011

The Death of Email

Email elimination
Recently a prominent tech leader announced his company would stop using email. His reasons: 

- Employees receive about 100 emails per day 
- They are spending more and more time just answering emails (15-20 hrs per week)
- Young employees do not use email, they use social network tools (Facebook, instant messaging, etc)
- Employees were using email to store data or to protect themselves from their bosses

Interesting related facts: 
- a company's data collection doubles every 18 months 
-  more data was created over the past 10 years than since the beginning of humanity 

It is important to note that the proposal is only meant for internal email not external email. The company - Atos of France - has a goal to eliminate all email by 2014. 

This information deluge is a common problem in most companies. Whether or not one agrees with eliminating email it is clear that it would be useful to think about steps that can be taken to deal with this situation especially now at the end of the year when one begins to plan what to do in 2012. 

BBC story of Thierry Bretton of Atos here 

martes, 6 de diciembre de 2011

Facebook Timeline

Facebook Timeline and gowalla
Facebook announced that it is buying Gowalla (formerly a Places type service that competed with FourSquare but failed) and will put the Gowalla team to work on it's Timeline product. 

Timeline has the potential of helping your brand by engaging with your audience in a new immersive way. 

Here's the Facebook promo video about Timeline: 

viernes, 2 de diciembre de 2011

YouTube lanza nuevo interfaz social

Youtube makeover 2011 rediseño de youtube

El rediseño de YouTube está creado, según Google, para que sea más facil encontrar videos que le interesan y hacer más social la experiencia. 

Pueden entrar al nuevo interfaz aqui